Design Patterns Interview Preparation

Useful information for engineers sorted by topics for listening.

With the app “Design Patterns Interview Preparation” you can read, listen, and study interesting topics related to design patterns.

Also you can run quizzes and listen topics info with text to speech engine.



Linux Kernel, Interview Preparation

Linux Kernel, Interview Preparation app!

Linux Kernel main topics for software developers to summarize knowledge.

Topics list:
Topic 1 Hardware Architecture. – Introduction.
Topic 2 Kernel development infrastructure. – Main info.
Topic 3 Compile Linux kernel – Cross compilation tools.

English Offline Audio Topics

English Offline Audio TopicsEnglish Listening Offline!

Useful English phrases, interesting idioms, common English words with text-to-speech engine offline.


English Offline Audio Topics include the most useful common words and phrases in English that are sorted in topics for different life situations. Proposed topics include thousands of English words and expressions that will be useful for travel and for English learning.

Business English Listening

Business English ListeningLearn Business English by Listening!

Main business phrases in English for listening offline with description and examples.
Good app to get more knowledge before job interview in English.


For each topic, you can run quizzes and test yourself.

TOEFL Vocabulary Listening

TOEFL Vocabulary ListeningLearning by Listening!

TOEFL app contains useful list of TOEFL words sorted by topics with description and examples for listening. Just study app offline!
For each topic, you can run TOEFL quizzes.


Geography Amazing Facts

Geography Amazing Facts Audio

Investigate interesting facts about geography in English.

With the app “Geography Amazing Facts +Audio” you can read, listen, and study interesting topics related to geography.

Also you can run quizzes and listen topics info with google tts (text to speech engine).



Travel Notepad

Travel NotepadTravel money tracker is offline tool for expense management and balance calculation for group of people.

Notepad For Travel – is finance manager that allows you keep track of how much money was spent during the trip, also it gives you the opportunity to view what was bought, and who paid for the purchase. Also at any time, you can display your shopping list, add some adjustments or write your own comments.