English Offline Audio Topics

English Offline Audio TopicsEnglish Listening Offline!

Useful English phrases, interesting idioms, common English words with text-to-speech engine offline.


English Offline Audio Topics include the most useful common words and phrases in English that are sorted in topics for different life situations. Proposed topics include thousands of English words and expressions that will be useful for travel and for English learning.

For each topic, you can get english quiz questions.

English app can be used as dictionary with quick search or you can listen all expressions step by step in background like english audiobook. It is really great opportunity to learn english faster!

Topics list:
Topic 1. Quick responses
Topic 2. About life
Topic 3. Useful phrases in conversation
Topic 4. Dishes
Topic 5. Basic words in the English
Topic 6. Interrogative phrases
Topic 7. English slang
Topic 8. Emotions
Topic 9. TOEFL phrasal verbs
Topic 10. Time
Topic 11. Most popular expressions
Topic 12. Pet names
Topic 13. Human body
Topic 14. Phrases to keep a conversation
Topic 15. Questions
Topic 16. Movement
Topic 17. Compliments
Topic 18. At the restaurant
Topic 19. Useful English words
Topic 20. Appearance

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