Geography Amazing Facts

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Investigate interesting facts about geography in English.

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Geography topics list:
Topic 1. The Earth
Topic 2. Oceans and Continents
Topic 3. 10 deepest oceans and seas
Topic 4. Largest islands
Topic 5. Most common languages by total number of speakers
Topic 6. Largest volcanic islands
Topic 7. Longest rivers of the world
Topic 8. List of lakes by area
Topic 9. Largest deserts on the planet
Topic 10. Top 10 largest countries by total area
Topic 11. Top 10 smallest countries
Topic 12. Most populous cities
Topic 13. Largest islands in Europe
Topic 14. Largest islands in USA
Topic 15. Top 10 tallest mountains
Topic 16. Largest countries by population
Topic 17. List of longest caves
Topic 18. USA States, complete list
Topic 19. All Canadian provinces
Topic 20. List of waterfalls by height