IELTS Test Listening Offline

IELTS Test Listening OfflineIELTS Test offline!

Offline app with useful list of English words sorted by topics with description and examples for listening.


Android applicationĀ “IELTS Test Listening Offline” include next themes:
Topic 1. The Arts Vocabulary – The arts include the visual arts such as what you see in art galleries, the literary arts like books, and the performing arts for example: music, theatre, dance and film.
Topic 2. Environment – These words will help you write about the Environment or talk about it.
Topic 3. Free Time – Sports, Hobbies, Travel.
Topic 4. Clothes and Fashion – Words about the clothes you like to wear or your attitude towards fashion.
Topic 5. Food – The topic of food often comes up in IELTS or TOEFL exam.
Topic 6. Career, Employment – Vocabulary List related to the next themes: Working hours, Pay, General job related words, Application, Unemployment.
Topic 7. House Vocabulary – Here is the list of words related to the next topics: Rooms in a House, Furniture and Decor, Household Appliances.
Topic 8. Cleaning Vocabulary – List of words related to the next topics: Cleaning Supplies, Linen and Laundry.
Topic 9. Housekeepers – Describing and action words for housekeepers.
Topic 10. Garden Vocabulary – Here is some important words related to gardening tools and plant.
Topic 11. Accommodation Vocabulary – Words about place you live or would like to live.
Topic 12. Social and Global Problems – Interesting words and definitions to keep the conversation going.
Topic 13. Spirituality – This is a glossary of spirituality related terms.
Topic 14. Ancient History – Learning by listening next words related to ancient history.
Topic 15. Academic Vocabulary – In this topic you can listen words that are traditionally used in academic dialogue and text.