Linux Kernel, Interview Preparation

Linux Kernel, Interview Preparation app!

Linux Kernel main topics for software developers to summarize knowledge.

Topics list:
Topic 1 Hardware Architecture. – Introduction.
Topic 2 Kernel development infrastructure. – Main info.
Topic 3 Compile Linux kernel – Cross compilation tools.

Topic 4 Compiling Kernel Module. – Main info..
Topic 5. Debugging in Linux Kernel – Main tools.
Topic 6. Advanced Kernel Debugging – Other tools.
Topic 7. LInux kernel data structures, useful functions and algorithm complexity – useful information.
Topic 8. Time, Delays – Jiffies, Kernel timers.
Topic 9. Tasklets and Workqueues – Main info.
Topic 10. Kernel memory ordering model – General concepts.
Topic 11. Synchronization – Concurrency and Race Conditions.
Topic 12. Allocating memory – Main information.
Topic 13 DMA and device drivers – Main information.
Topic 14 Platform device drivers – Driver loading.
Topic 15 – PCI bus and interrupts – main information.
Topic 16 Interfaces with user space – Main information.
Topic 17 Networking – Questions and answers.
Topic 18 Memory management – Main information.
Topic 19 Character and block devices – Main information.
Topic 20 USB Universal Serial Bus – Introduction.

Linux Kernel app can be used as manual for reading or listening with quick search.

For each topic, you can get english quiz questions.

Be ready to interview!