TOEFL Vocabulary Listening

TOEFL Vocabulary ListeningLearning by Listening!

TOEFL app contains useful list of TOEFL words sorted by topics with description and examples for listening. Just study app offline!
For each topic, you can run TOEFL quizzes.

TOEFL topics:
Topic 1. Student Conversations – During TOEFL exam you will often hear conversations between two students about something related to campus life.
Topic 2. Food related words – A common speaking topic on both the IELTS and TOEFL is food.
Topic 3. Energy – Words for TOEFL Internet based Test preparation.
Topic 4. Science – The most challenging in the TOEFL test is that you have to familiar with a many sciences related words.
Topic 5. Illness – Words related to Diseases here for your reference.
Topic 6. Military – Must have words for the TOEFL exam related to war and military topics.
Topic 7. Social Class – Listen to words used to describe social classes.
Topic 8. Finance – Learning new words related to trade and finance to pass the TOEFL
Topic 9. Politics – Main words
Topic 10. Justice – Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Court.
Topic 11. The Underworld – Gangsters, thugs and criminal organizations.
Topic 12. Families and Friendship – TOEFL Friendship word list.
Topic 13. Emotions – Here’s a list of emotions related words you may need for TOEFL exam.
Topic 14. Society – Words related to society.
Topic 15. Criminal Investigation – Crime and Punishment Vocabulary.