Travel Notepad

Travel NotepadTravel money tracker is offline tool for expense management and balance calculation for group of people.

Notepad For Travel – is finance manager that allows you keep track of how much money was spent during the trip, also itĀ gives you the opportunity to view what was bought, and who paid for the purchase. Also at any time, you can display your shopping list, add some adjustments or write your own comments.

The main objective of this Finance Manager is described in three points:
1. Create a virtual budget for travel (a wallet and/or bank card) for one or more travelers in a particular currency.
2. Fast operations creation in which you setup how mach money was spent and who is money owner with the possibility to add your own comments, edit time or change currency in any time.
3. Calculate the balance and display how much operations was made, at what time and who is the money owner.

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